Angel Girl Full Version

This game is a version of some side-scrolling act games only you’ll be managing sexy angel woman in her way through the hordes of creatures. And all her enemies will not need to kill her – instead they will tear all her clothes very first and if tehy have been catch her once again that they will fuck her. A lot! Probably they may fuck her till death if you won’t allow her to escape time. But in a first-ever place just attempt not to let the angel doll to get into their dirty palms – for that you’ll be able to use arrow keys. Furthermore, you should remember that you can utilize Z button for”bom”,”X” button for”masturbation” and”C” button to get break. Should you chance to discover the way until the end you will get acccess to gallery style. The gameplay is fairly gonzo so you will have to attempt to do your best to win. Play now »