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Since you have very likely figured form the name of the game"H.A.S.H" it's will be parody on quite well-liked in it's time TV series"M.A.S.H". And like this is not enough this is going to be a parody! And you will always meet sexy Charlie, where it is erotic parodies and this game won't be an exclusion. As for the story it'll be fairly helpfull to understand exactly what this old TV show was about but it's still true that you can attempt to play without it (just do not expect to understand half of jokes afterward). Gameplay is quite classic for games starring Charlie - you will be liking funny scenes after which you need to make a choice what will happen next by choosing one of three choices. After that you still can attempt another options or you can proceed playing building your own unique version of the story.
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Shinobi Girl is one of those activity games where main character is a hot chick who has to get thru the level filled with monsters, robots and other sorts of enemies. Our chick can crush and punch her foes or try to run away them by hopping over them or duck when she is facing some flying enemy - this depends on situation and your play style from the game. But even however this doll seems to be a total ninja badass shecan be captured by enemies. First time she'll just loose her clothing but if they will grab her in second or 3rd time... Well, this is the section of game that will provide you with a great deal of manga porn scenes. But since different enemies will soon be fucking this hottie in various ways may be it's well worth it to allow them caught a duo of times...
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