M.S.A.2.: RainbowRound!

Welcome back into the fanatstic world of ponies that aren’t only magical monsters but also quite screwable appearing this time! Colorful antropomorphic characters in which every genuine aficionado of”MLP” will recognize the orginal charceters in no time will entertain you never nonly with a good story but with some erotic as well as manga porn themed articles too! As at the former game you’ll be playing as Lance who was able to find a job in female-only dormitory and today gets involved into by all means exciting adventures nearly daily. This is one of those adventrues yet in case you want to learn more kinky details then you’ll have to play with the game by yourself since only subsequently the hentai magic would do the job decently on you. And don’t forget to look at our website for additional games after that! Play now »