Astrid Training | TLB

TLB said in the very name of the game really stands for”The previous barbarian” which is a enormous erotic game endeavor while”Astrid Training” is really a much smaller game occurring between spin-off and demo version of this. So if you will love your funtime with this bitchy elven chick and will want for more then visit our websiet and open this big fantasy world packed with adventures and fuck-fest. Like in any grimm and bleeding fantasy universe Astrid’s escapade commences with that he rbeing captured. She will be trained to be a intercourse slave while trying to find a way to run away at the same time. But who knows – when she’ll start the true deeps of arts she will will not want to escape anymore? Ofcourse there will be a few questions in this game replies for which you can find only in the large”The last Barbarian” game thus keep it in mind. Play now »