Miku F-Series

Like to play with cute anime redheads? Then tonight you may play Miku inside this new game from F-seroes! Just as normal you can pick from over a couple of hot garbs for Miku (or is it a normal apparels and it is Miku that makes them sexy?) . Who you want Miku to become for youpersonally? Sexy assistant, busty maid prepared to clean your mess up or even shy maiden from medieval fantasy? All of this you’ll receive in this game! Plus a great deal of sexy underwear and swimsuit swimsuits for Miku! Select any of them and go hetero to sensual gameplay where it is possible to switch scenes with clad Miku until you receive an orgasm! Can it be from oral pleasure, doggie fashion or perhaps missionary – depends from an apparel that you pick! Anything you willmake Miku to place on her it will not change her appetite for your prick! Play now »