The UPN v0.6 Tentacle Edition

Inside this 3D erotic game you ar egoing to face non oteh rthan Carnia who emerges to be the Goddess of Death. But don’t worry – it appears thatthe princess of death needs to have a good fucking from time to time and this is exactly what she is going to do in this game. You can strat the game with some customization of the main heroine or you can jump heterosexual to action using settings. The most important ide of this game isn’t in the story or dialogs but at the multiplicity of scenes and positions in which you can place Crania and love the view of her being fucked by some critters and animals (and here is the moment when the words”tentacle edition” in the title will finally get some feeling). Game even has some sort of progress where you can earn currency and spend them on new fucktoys and sexy accesoirs. Play now »