Gangster Strip Blackjack

America 30s. This is the time when there were street gangs and gangsters. They risked their own lives to make some money. However theyloved to have joy. So you see the chief of this gang of gangsters. This is a beautiful and big-titted lady. She provides you to make some cash and have fun. You’ll need to play with a game called blackjack. The rules of the game are very elementary – you must evaluate more game points on the cards than your enemy. Then you win the round. But if you score more than twenty-one points the game will be finished. So let’s begin playing. As soon as the gal will lose, she will take a few of the clothes off and put on the line. Wow… it becomes interesting. You have to win the game to earn some money and realize the gal entirely nude. And then, as a prize for your courage, the girl will give you a sucky-sucky. Start playing. Play now »