Sephiria vs Nano-C

“Sephiria vs Nano-C” is really a variation of a fighting game in which two major characters – obviously named as Sephiria and Nano-C – will be throwing punches and throws to every other. You’ll be playing as Nano-C who’s some sort of shapeshifting alien while Sephiria is just one hot loking blonde chick so that you already know where this is going if if you’re going to win the battle against her… Use right and left arrow buttons to stir and up and down arrow buttons for different directions strikes and Ctrl for particular attack – the manage scheme is fairly plain as you can see but it’s still true that you need to continue to keep an eye Sephiria’s recations as soon as your attacks will strike the target because rather than anguish they will deliver her a sensual enlivenment hardening into sexual pleasure! Play now »