Dream Job Week 1 Episode 1

Did your ever thought that you might call a task of as handy man at chicks college dormitory your fantasy job? Well, in this game this undoubtedly is! You will begin the game from meeting with Miss Trick. She will let you know about your duties for now… and it’ll be amassing all teh laundry and draw it to the cleaners! There will not be too much difficulties with most of nymphs except for Sally – hot youthfull blond who happens to be teh stepdaughter of various man. Well, she’s laundry as anyone else but… she was able to wear it on her right now! At some point she even will make you to determine which one of her panties she must provide you first-ever! Just select the right reaction in dialogs to realize how far this situation can go… Straightforward match with indeed sexy dolls – and they all are real erotic versions! Play now »