Maid for You

This story happened on the campus of the Institute of Physics and Biology, that is located in New Orleans. A typical student of the institute awakens in the morning in his area. He looks round the room. Wow… Definitely it looks very dirty. Because yesterday was a beer soiree and everybody drank a lot of alcohol. The student believes that it would be great to invite a cleaning lady. A student extends to classes in the college and also calls the cleaning service. The doorbell rings. On the brink stands out a cleaning lady. She’s a magnificent figure and a wonderful smile. A pupil invites her to the room and she starts cleaning. However, the student wants to have hook-up with her. To do this, you must interact with the game and apply the dialogue options. If you’re able to prefer the cleaning lady she will provide you a bj. And you then will have amazing and perverted intercourse with her. Do you like such a program? Let’s implement it. Play now »