Fantasy Beer

Ever dreamed to attempt yourself as a bartender? No? And if there had been a vacation of bartender in certain dream tavern where just hot women visits? Now that is teh appropriate reaction! And while you’re so glad about your fresh task we have to teall you – not all of your guest tonight will be human chicks but if you do not mind about ultra-cute elf gal or mischievous succubus afterward it won’t be any difficulty for you whatsoever. Now about everything you have to perform – your project tonight is to create these girls to become buzzed. How tipsy? Enough to create them all nude and kinky right here in the tavern – that’s how tipsy! But it will not be sufficient to simply serve them the fattest cups of beer that you have – each of these will require a particular therapy. And to get the treatment to each one among them is what you might have to do to win this game. Play now »