Demon in the City

Demons have penetrated from the Alluring Hell on Earth. They hid from the sewer. They have to proceed the invasion. However, for this they need offspring. You must help the demon with tentacles that are thick to accomplish this mission. Look at the game display. You see a map of the city. It has roads, homes and other items. You need to search for chesty chicks. Use the arrow buttons to stir around. As soon as you catch a doll, you fertilize her and can fuck her. Then haul the woman down the drain to give birth to offspring that is unsuspecting. But be very attentive. When a policeman sees you, then he will open fire and then kill you. So try to be more inconspicuous and use hidden moves to finish the mission. Start playing this interesting game now. Play now »

Hot as Hell [v 0.20]

This is another one relationship simulator game. This time the events will occur in Hell. This means that you are supposed to try your opportunities with the most crazy ladies on Earth. And who knows – can be female people won’t be the sole sufferer in this sensual searching of yours… Game begins with you sharing the points between three different stas of your character – strength, charm and dexterity. You then may investigate hell and see various locations here where you will meet different sexy and slightly dressed guys and gals and fantasy creatures. A number of them are going to disappear together with your arrivel and a few will provide some sort of converastion. Just don’t forget who knows what you will see after you’ll turn the corner around and that’s hell ? Play now »