Virtual Date 2012

An interesting interactive 3D game in which you will meet beautiful and busty femmes and find out their story. Wella successful millionaire sends his gf. Her name is Jenny. Dude stayed somewhat at work and Jenny waited 30 minutes. That is an unforgivable mistake. But look at her gorgeous figure, wearing a tight-fitting dress. Her large breasts want to break free-for-all and get rid of clothes. Definitely Jenny is hot. You offer the doll to sit at the table and drink wine. Jenny begins flirting with you. You drop your van keys on the floor. Looking under the table, you see Jenny’s long legs. Oh gods, they are magnificent. Jenny moves her gams, and you also see she does not wear underpants…. In order to lure and have hump with a big-chested dame, you must choose the right dialogue options. And following that, you might be alone with Jenny in a place that is quiet. Do it right now. Play now »