Spot The Differences With Catie 2

The second portion of an interactive flash game where you’ll play with a succulent and young brunette called Catie. So Catie is currently posing in her room. Mm . . Lovely and elastic rump attract the eye of your eyes. But not too hasty. You have to find some differences between the photos. Catie will undress. So look very cautiously at the two pictures. This is not so, although it seems that they are exactly the same. There are differences inbetween the pictures and they must be found by you. As briefly as you find one of the differences, click on this place. There will be five differences inbetween the pictures. When you find all of the differences you will see a duo of other pictures. There Catie will bein his panties. So you need to go thru the entire game into the end to see Catie downright naked. Play now »