Blossom’s Bedroom

Blossom is the title of one of 3 dolls that you might know as”The Powerpuff Girls”. Yep, the sandy-haired one! So if you always thought that she is the most fuckable from the team then you are going to like this game a lot – dame has growned up and now looking for fucking instead of punching some evil genius’ butts. But will you be able to sate her? Simply switch inbetween distinct orgy manners in time in order to create the sexual enlivenment amount to get larger because in case you don’t… well, you will not like the end of this game in which Blossom isn’t satiated for sure. Both intercourse scenes are made from male’s very first person perspective so it will undoubtedly make you to believe that it is you fucking one of your beloved cartoon characters in he rmouth or honeypot! Play now »