Nanny’s Day 2: Confrontation

What’s the most significant evening for Nanny? It is the evening of her wedding! And this event was so crammed with exciting moments that it is not possible to tell aabout them all in only one game. So get ready to love the second part of diraies from Nanny’s day particularly that this time there is going to happen some confrontation! As you have very likely guess when someone is happy there is somebody who is not. And if the very first perosn is clearly Nanny the the second one is non other than Theresa! She seems to be so jelaous that even trying to make some compromising photo of Nanny and a few sexy looking rubdown stud! But don’t worry – Wendy is always prepared to assist her friends no matter whom and the number of times she might need to fuck to be able to make matters right. Play now »