Sexy Magic 4

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“Sexy Magic” is a string of sensual pursuit games telling about adventures of an adventurous mage who was able to enter troubles as effortless as getting from them with his magical wand. Total there are projected five sequences and today you already can play the fourth one (and don’t leave behind t search for others on our site if you have not played them yet). To not spoil too much story lets say that our hero ended up for a motive in hell. But despite the motives he has no goals and should to find a way out he might need to deal with two hot looking succubus he will take action! And ofcourse he will attempt to get all possible gains from this situation… The gameplay is close to old-school point-and-click quests where you can interact with objects on locations to address a few puzzles an donce you will do you will get to the location or section of the story.

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