Jenny’s Gym Lessons – Part 3

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Part 3 of an interactive game about a sexy blonde Jenny as well as a baby boy. I’ll remind you that Jenny works as a fitness instructor at a local gym. A dude visits Jenny’s workout. Jenny is enticed by a dude every day. She would take off her clothes and show off her tight tits, or lean over so that the man could look at her delicious buttocks and tight pussy. Then, the day of the reward arrived. Johnny fists a young boy. She bounces off his fatty body like a porn star. He slaps Jenny on her juicy tits and licks her pink nupples. The sexy girl Jenny enjoys the sex scene and is ready to achieve multiple orgasms right now. To switch between sex scenes you can use the arrow keys. The space bar turns on Xray mode. Have fun sex with Busty Jenny by starting the game today. Lets play.

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