Watch out behind you hunter

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The protagonist of the game went into the forest to check the traps for foxes and hunt for cubs. However he didn’t know that a duo of months past, fags had lodged in the forest. They are now hunting individuals and have killed of the creatures. However, faggots don’t wish to kill people, they would like to fuck them in the backside. So use the arrow buttons to stir around the screen and the space club to shoot a shotgun. Be very careful. An homosexual hangs in every thicket. Kill him before he gets closer to you. So be mindful you simply have two weeks. You do not need your pink rump to be a decoration to get an insatiable fag. Also in the forest you will find additional cartridges and other items. You have to escape the woods rather than be raped. Can you do it!? Let us commence the game also assess.

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