Watch out behind you hunter

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In this game, you will play the function of a hunter. The dark, horrible and dense woods attracts hunters from all around the world to get a valuable prize. But no one knows there is a curse within the woods. All the animals turned homo. Within this game, your main character is a ordinary hunter that got lost from the forest. You have a shotgun and a couple of rounds of ammunition for it. Your job is to get a way out of the woods. Use the manage buttons to move along with the Space bar to shoot the shotgun. From the bushes will strike the gays-kill them also it’ll be bad. If a homo man gets caught by a hunter, then he’ll kiss him. Try to steer clear of this. Shotgun ammunition is scattered from the woods – collect it. Survive in the woods and find a way out. Are you ready? Then let’s start the adventure at the moment.

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