TV Buddies

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If your TV set is broken but you know that one of your neighbours is a sexy red-haired you can ask her if you could witness TV with her and very likely you won’t even miss your beloved program. But because this is a manga porn game you will receive something finer than the other one TV demonstrate… Knock into the door and say hi to this stunning redhead. You will have only a few moments to woo her that you are here because you want to observe TV and not because you want to have hook-up with her. However, you know what? Don’t even bother to describe – she hasdecided that you are here only to fuck her. However for any reason you will nonetheless have to proove you like her by answering few questions about her fave flowers or songs (by imagining it as how can you understand such information if you’re not dating , rigth?) . And may be after that you can have romp with her. May be.

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