The Best Therapist!

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The family of the protagonisthas collapsed. There’s no sexual attraction to partners. So a building maintenance worker comes to a health center to see a psychiatrist. The private psychiatrist calms the dude down and asks for his wife’s number. After that, the protagonist moves home. As he comes in the palace, he sees a spicy circumstance. His big-titted wife sits nude on the sofa. She’s ready to have hookup and asks her spouse to rudely fuck her in a tight ass. And then fuck her in the cunt like a cheap whore. Dude, not thinking lengthy, gets naked and starts fucking his wife in every crevice over and over again. Dude can’t believe what is going on. He fucks his wife and she adores it. He fucks her so long, his wifey receives a multiple orgasm. So what did the therapist do anddid his wifey agree to have fuck-fest!? You’ll get the answer within this game.

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