Teacher Fuck stupid student

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The bargain is following – you are the teacher along with Katty is your student. She is blonde chick who seems hot as hell but as it happens she is not indeed clever at your subject. Clearly she will do whatever to pass the examinations in some other ways… and luckily for her that you does not mind in any way! So ensue this quite ordinary story through dialogs and enjoy your fuck-fest following that with Katty! Both conversation and hump scenes are all now interactive. In very first part of the game you will need just to select certain phrases while the second part can be considered as a set of erotic minigames. For instance you’ll need to find the proper sequence of deeds so as to make Katty increasingly horny so that you could unclothe her down and fuck her rather than asking her slew of bland exam questions (that she does not understand how to response anyways).

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