Strip BlackJack Yurizan

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Yurizan is fairly uncommon title nevertheless it works fine for the model of such rare beauty. And tonight you can love this beauty in full scale only in case you will unwrap her down but only in the event you can proove that you are playing blackjack card game finer than your rival! The rules have been calssic and well-know for all who’s at leastplayed blackjack games before – after making bets attempt to get the sum of points with cards in your palm as close to twenty-one as possible but not over it. Every time you’ll win the round you won’t only add some cash for a in-game financial (and all these currency have to continue playing obviously) but may also unlock more and more sexy photos from Yurizan’s striptease photoset! And even however she is not wearing much clothing from the start you might need some luck to accomplish this striptease mission!

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