Star Trek: Barclay’s Adventure (test)

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How about playing as a distance shuttle officer? This game which reminds one of a story from a string space adventures, you will manage an officer named Barclay. He is a senior officer of this HTA-115 AP starship team. Therefore, he woke up in the afternoon and found himself and the holoterminal disconnected. And hewants to play his favorite games. Talk to the service engineer who is at the next cabin. He will give you a couple of important tips on what to do . Next, use the arrow buttons to move around the spaceship. Go to the holoterminal and get the test program. Go to the holoterminal. You see a girl. Let us speak with her. This is a medical researcher. What else can she do other than aid!? that is scientific Definitely she wants hook-up and sperm. . You can have hump with this big-boobed beauty. Would you enjoy this activity? Absolutely hump is finer than playing games. Let’s commence the venture. .

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