Sim Girl Part 1

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In this game you’ll receive fairly obvious goal to achieve – yo will need to get fulfilled with doll before the time limit of 100 times will run out! Of course you won’t catch the female on the first-ever day. Neither you’ll receive her on second moment. Or perhaps the third. To find this anime beauty you’ll have to make a few attempts. Even once you may choose the personality and find some basic stats you still might have to educate him. You’ll need to execute different activity like training to acquire more experince. You will have to work and earn money to get useful products. Quite simply – you will need to earn the right to speak with her very first! This game is dating simulator but a few of you may even think it is tighter than in real life! Well, may be it is but if you will hit this game then you definitely won’t need troubles in real world!

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