Naked God 2: Dungeon of Love

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A hentai variaton of almost any board role-playing game in fantasy setting. In this game you willl be playing just assneaky thief (you can decide what level your charcter is if you want - it won't be used in the game anyhow) who has to crawl through some dungeon prison tonight... and he finds truly something interesting - hot redhead chick who is almost nude, spunky in chains and (luckily for you) eyes covered! If fucking hot stunner is considered out hero then as a prize captured the jackpot tonight! The game itself is an hentai scene. It is possible to tease this lady, half shag or fuck her cootchie or butthole at any speed you will choose (from ) And when you will be ready and pleasure meter will be crammed you can reward her with a lot of your hot and sticky spunk!