Milk Plant 8 – Last Part

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This is the final part of the game about Tifa Lockhart, a bosom-full. However, you might expect a sequel in the next few years. She’s in a position to divulge all the secrets of the corporation because she’s been turned into an animal. Take a look at the screen to see the game. Hoses and tubes are attached to the girl’s huge nostrils. You can collect the milk. The beautiful and elegant cow Tifa produces breast milk. Click on the game objects to bring a lot of suffering and pain to the woman. Make her laugh and then again – the lady cannot resist. She is a willing slut and has accepted her fate of her life. I find it a little difficult to sympathize with this lady. Her life is dull and grey and she’s become an everyday component of the system. This 3D computer game is an absolute must-have.

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