Magic Book 4: Halloween Special

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The fourth region of the game is about a magic book and a dude who is considered an outcast. He obtained a spell book and will now do anything he needs, as you remember. He fucked a lot of big-boobed college girls but today is a Halloween ball and the dude determines to have joy. A couple of his friends came to the ball – normal dudes who also love to study and do not pay attention to nymphs. However, our hero with the help of a book of charms subjugated the thoughts of two big-chested nymphs. He clothed in sex outfits and came to friends. Oh Gods. Now embarks a depraved orgy orgy in which there will be double intrusion and royal oral and ass-fuck hookup and much more. I won’t tell the details to you, you finer embark playing and find out everything right now

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