Juicy Futa Avatar Maker v0.1.0

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Fisrt of “Juicy Futa” is your game made in visual novel genre with a few rpg and exploration components and that has inetresting artstyle that tells the story regarding the avdentures of main leading lady… who appears to be a futanari! However this avatra maker game is suggesting to you is to make your own personality before you will dive to the huge story so don’t miss this good chance to create the futanari character of your wishes having quite wide set of customization options! Explore several possible combnation of these old-school look elements as hairstyle or some facial switches in addition to such exceptional minutes as the size and shape of bumpers and ofcourse the dimensions and form of futa man rod! You can create hermaphroditism character with just two lollipops if you want to!

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