Jordan 500

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Within this 3D flash game you will meet a gorgeous and chesty damsel named Jordan. She came to the city from the province and she is a little bored. Jordan and the captain of a football team whose name is Bob met. This is a sporty bald dude with a big dick. Bob invites Jordan to a party with Steve. Steve is the African American. Jordan considers and the fun begins. Now you have to decide with Bob or Steve - with Kes Bud Jordan. If she stays with Steve, there will most likely be lovemaking. But Jordan is an rectal virgin and Steve leaves. Jordan comes back house. Her friend, Jordan and the next day go to a club where they meet a local dealer. Jordan fucks him. So a map of the city has emerged and you can choose a place to go. Use this to score a lot of lovemaking points and find the secrets of this city out.