Gay Dreams: Pizza Deliver

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This flash game may tell you some tale about 2 fag dudes. Therefore, you’re a standard Bank employee you arrived home once a tough day’s job. There is inadequate meals reception and you choose to order pizza pie with delivery. On the desk you will realize the telephone number of the pizza store. You place an order and also watch for shipping. Half an hour afterwards, the bell rings. You open up and see a pizza dish shipping fellow. This is frequently a young fellow with a jokey hairstyle. Pizza pie delivery costs twenty five dollars, nevertheless you cover forty. The man is inquisitive about why you are therefore generous, and you invite him to come back into the mansion. Once drinking a bit brewage, you are sensing that there is a corporal attraction between you. You start stroke the guy’s mind. Then you kiss him on the lipsagain. Then can start the homo fuck-fest in sweet eyes. In the event you like games and queer tales, then begin luving right now.

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