Family Reunion 2: Tuesday – the Assistant

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When sexy female named Mandy emerges at your doorstep that you will sense yourself lucky… but only until the minute she will claim you to be her daddy. That is what’s happened with Marc – your personality in erotic videoquest show”Family Reunion” – in the first-ever scene. Ofcourse Marc had no clue what she was referring to and did not wanted to ruin the life he had at the present time so that the only means to deal with this is to help Mandy to find her real dad (also who’s obviously not Marc) yet at the exact identical time you will need to handle yoru own things as well. Actually you are likely to get everything great from this embarrassing circumstance and since you needed to obtain a version for fresh project and looks like Mandy could be that version… but only if you will have a decent chat with her mom very first.

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