Chicks and Bikers

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Brutal bikers love beer, iron fights and horses. Butthey like to meet huge-chested chicks. Therefore the game begins in a biker pub. Bikers drinking Guinness beer and are sitting at the table. They discuss important matters and bicycles. As well as a biker life that is difficult. The door opens and another biker enters. Everyone is laughing. What's so hilarious!? It turns out everyone is laughing at the biker clothes. He begins to boil. He wishes to prove that he is a biker that is brutal that is true. And provides a bet. He will have to drive the circle as swift as possible and not fall off the motorcycle. You have to help him. Use the keyboard. If you win toj, a huge-chested waitress will invite you to visit. And there the biker will be able to have hump with her. Sounds cool right? Let's do it.