Business Trip Adventure 2

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The second portion of an interactive flash game. You are going to learn a velour story about a neighborhood dude. So an ordinary city boy got an interesting new job. As luck would have it, on the very first day of work, the alarm clock broke, and the boy fell asleep. The circumstance must be corrected by him. The boy arrives to the office, where his Secretary is awaiting. She tells him the bad news – his boss is waiting for a dude in her workplace to find out why he is late for work. The stud comes to the office to the chief and sees an evil, but attractive woman. She’s outraged that the guy was late for work. You have to get an explanation for this particular act. After a couple of mins, the manager melts. The stud starts flirting and invites the chief into some cafe. They meet for dinner in a duo hours. Thus, the mission of the game is to have romp with the boss. To try it, you need to use game items and your own charm. If you’re ready, let’s embark the escapade right now.

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