A Paladin’s Touch

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The daring and strong paladin went to Orcs’ fortress to conserve the prisoner. The paladin crushes all orcs together using the Power of Light and cracks the door to the prison. Wow… he sees with that the prisoner. It is a nightmare of a stunning and chesty elf. The gal has appetizing peaches with pink nips and a round booty. The elf is prepared to thank the paladin for rescuing her. The chick starts jerking off fat dick that is paladin. Andshe arches down and bj’s him. The girl’s lips slide on the fat manstick and the dame gets wet. The paladin commences to fuck the elf in her cock-squeezing and tight pink cherry, making the dame wiggle in the flaps of joy. And then it’s time for ass-fuck fun. Use the mouse and interactive spots to switch the fuckfest game scene. Take pleasure in the hump of a paladin and a busty elf and do it now.

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