XXXmas Card

This second game is quite brief and plain as it isn't a game in all but soem kind of xmas card. Ofcourse since this game-postcard is from a studio which concentrate don manga porn games this one will probably likely be concentrated on hentai components too. So the sole last question that you will want to response prior to playing with this game or not is the way do you enjoy blue skinned alien chicks with three boobies? In case the reaction is"yes" then it is possible to join one of those sweeties straight here and now and even help her by awarding one of her xmas fantasies - it's this period of the year when everybody would like to jingle a bells one way or another! Also don't leave behind to see our website where you cn find a good deal of manga porn parodies and xmas themed erotic games with your fave characters!

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Pussymon: Episode 19

The pursuit for new hot pussymons will proceed in"Pussymon 19: A new Xmas duty". And a sit is fairly obvious from the name this will be a special vignette devoted to winter holidays. Not so long time ago you and your team of brave pussymon seekers were researching the mystical woods of Hlloween Town. And that can be when an alert to be given by the begins of DOT ASystem. The signs proves to be quite a distress cal from Pussymon Hunter Society that will be calling for all accessible groups to assist with an unexpected emergency in non oother than Frost Pole! Yep, the place of snow that an dmagic in which Santa's workshop is situated which means your new job might be to conserve the Xmas in the whole world... and also to acquire fresh sexy pussymons to your collection ofcourse!

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Xmas Spot Book

This is the Xmas portion of this anime porn game where you have to pay attention to even the slightest details about the 2 pictures to be able to determine the differences inbetween these.

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