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The Sex Therapist 3: News from a former lover

Are you prepared for the thrid sesh with your fuckfest therapist? Because within this gig you will get a few"News out of a former paramour"! You'll play as boy named Jim. 1 evening you've found out your wifey was cheating on you and this is the main reason you both decided that you need a help from fucky-fucky therapist as an attempt to keep the marriage. This hookup therapist is Natalia who happens to be truly hot looking woman. But looks like that she I snot the only hot female who has entered your life around the moment when you have problems with your wife - just one day you also got a smartphone kind Agnes, your ex-lover... The story will go and how it will end you will be determining by choosing different answers in dialog segments. Choose wisely if you're planning to see a minumum of one of these erotic models naked!

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