Ohiru Nayanko – Undress babe

As you will find from the start that this game is in japanese language but if you enjoy cute appearing fur covered dolls you shouldn't be concerned about this even if you don't understand that this language - this game isn't about the narrative or dialogs but around touching and also undressing down thsi cutie without waking her up! You can begin with her top and paying attention to her breath cycle attempt to catch the moent up and lift it up little by little until her tits will be released by you from under it! You then may go down to her panties and also check how hairy this gal really is... But be carefull - if the moment is not right you will wake up her instead and only restarting the game will help save you away from her anger! Additionally don;t forget to visit our website for more of wooly themed manga porn games and animations.

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