Solitaire with Veronica Zemanova

In case you ar enot solitaire for many decades now you may want to remeber the rules of the game beacuse of a single thing - today you will find the chance to play this card game using non otehr than Veronica Zemanova! Perhaps you already know this name if you are a devotee of erotic models with large globes... or you may then playing this game. Barely there is a n ee dto inform you about principles of the game since they are quite standard and doesn't have any gaps from solitaire we all know... except for one - there is going to be a great deal Veronica Zemanova's photos in it! She'll be in the wallpapers (which you may change)she will onto the back sides of titles (which you can switch too) and youwill get a few extra photos as reward if you are going to figure out how to finish the game!

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