Pippi Longstocking And Four Lozers

Pippi Longstock is bak to her home town after ten years she has lived in New York. The most important problem is that she is still crazy woman yet she has another needs. What ones? To fuck of course - haven't you seen her trampy melons and caboose from the main menu screen? Here is a smallish city where still reside four of her male friends so Pippi determines to visit them... and to fuck them if possible! Just pick one of those loosers and after short dialog and quiz make them ! Well known figures, hilarious situations, large tits and hard beefsticks - that is wht you about to see in this game! Pippi Longstocking's experiences never been reallykinky and titillating previously - and now you will play some function to turning them even more wild! Pippi is prepared to wiggle this town !

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