lesson of passion

Shelly: the escort girl

So in this interactive 3D flash game where you will learn the story of Shelley. She is a local VIP escort female. Thus, sunny morning and Shelly awakened. It's time to get ready for a meeting with the most beloved customer. This can be rapper JT Brooke. Shelly puts to a beautiful underwear and a crimson sundress, then gets to the truck and proceeds to fulfill JT. On the way, she buys medications. Shelley comes to JT's mansion. He also opens. MMM... it is a muscle black. Shelly certainly has no sexual experience with black men. JT makes on his dick is sucked by Shelly. Oh Gods, he is simply good-sized and scarcely fits in Shelley's mouth. But she continues to do oral job. Shelley unwraps and shows another gorgeous figure with big and elastic mounds. Want to understand what's going to happen next? If you want to know the continuation of the story, then let's commence playing at the moment.

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