Naruto grabs to hinata

Naruto and Hinata. Both of these are supposed to live thru a lot of many experiences and even dangers... but maybe not in this game! Tonight they will finally have some time for themselves and fuck each other truly good! Plus it wa snot a joke - all that these two characters are going to do would be to fuck only. No story, no dialogs or any kind of gameplay. But few elements are going to be available tho'. You can activate them once they will show up on teh screen and they will chnage teh playing animation just a little bit. For example will Hinata simply rail on Naruto's hard meatpipe or will she let him to play in precisely the identical moment with her boobies? Could be she is going to ride him so hard that her tits are going to bounce by its own? Only try distinct animatiosn and select your dearest!

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