Gangster Strip Blackjack

Never play poker with gangsters... unles it's de-robe blackjack with hot drawn gangster female in a flash game! The gameplay spretty standart for all blackjack card matches. The deck has 52 cards inside. Make your wager and receive the cards (2 cards to each participant). Then it's possible to stand with the cards combination which you have or strike additional cards. But be carefull - the aim of the game is to become as much close as you can getting twenty-one points at the sum of your cards. Get more - and you will loose. Getting 21 combination is the perfect result. After the dealer is going to have no mor emoney she will need to bet her clothing. Keep winning to create her to loose among her clothes elements at atime and switch her pose for something more sexy - in the end you'll have a intercourse scene with her!

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