Fuck Town

Fuck Town: Secrets of Journalism

This narrative by"Fuck Town" will soon be approximately man named Nick Hudson. He is a director of fitness club also has become one of the most famous in whole town! . By the way with a few of the repoters' trip the most arousing part of the story will begin. What's title is Elise Brooks and if she has arrived director's offcie to get a dialogue barely she understood how it will end... Want to understand what happened there? Play with this game yoursefl ebcause we will not be spoiling you the story. Since fo rteh gameplay it is very normal for"Fuck Town" series so in the event that you have playe dotehr games youw ill knwo what to do or will find the proper idea real quick. Enjoy!

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Fuck Town: Christmas Vanity

Even tho' Fucktown is a place where everyone will get laid sooner or later some chractaers are doinfg what they can to make it earlier... even if it's xmas eve and also they may simple make a wish! But our hero is aman of scienece and xmas wishes aren't something that is likely to make his wishes to come true. That is what he believes in. And this isin this period of year he is working research lab. Secret research lab! Why is it key we have no thought but looks like one of the newest creations is prepared to be tested in a field. This is invention of his is a special glasses that will allow to watch hot ladies without their clothes! To play the game just perform deeds which are on the display right now and do not forget to love!

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