Skull Girls: Filia

"Skullgirls" is a quite well-liked fighting videogame that is most known for a roster of equally exceptional and hot heroines. Ofcourse this reality would provide it using interactive manga porn parody and now has eventually come hentai parody with the most in demand chick Filia is still here! But don't worry - you don't need to be a skillfull player (along with the original game wasn't considered a easy one to play) since this parody has only 1 purpose and it is to showcase you how good Filia could seem as anime porn star! Yet there will be some interactive components ofocurse. Use arrow buttons you will notice beneath the characters' pictures to swictch back and forth inbetween hentai scenes. There will be even some sort of brief story with the cameo of Zone-Tan and dialogs!

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