Blonde Rodeo

Would you enjoy blondie cowgirls with joy? Then we have one for you! Meet Blondie in the day of the b-day. Blondie gets the very ideal birthday soirees and that she lets you fuck your own pals! So no time to watse when it is time to feast! The game uses actual movies with actual erotic models having actual intercourse. Since there is far more femmes than guys on this celebration party you will find possible g/g scenes too. The gameplay however is based on creating choices. At crucial points of the story you will be aloowed to select one of 3 ways the way the problem will proceed farther. Pick wisely and do not ruin this soiree - it will lead to a gameover screen in no time! But in case you'll choose what Blondie wants you will witness the entire celebration orgy until the end!

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