Micia flexi

This new hook-up scene includes oral, vulva foray and anal! On top of that we have designed a completely fresh dick out of this old version. This new dick has not only 1 or 2, however nine junctions. This permitted us to make it supah flexible and realistic in it's movements. It can now ferociously arch in some nicely dispersed arcs. Furthermore, this new picture is extremely responsive and depending on what you activate together along what, different things will happen. As an example, if you activate the dick's precum while she smooches it, then cum will form on her lips, but if you activate it while Lust is slapping or rubbin' her face with his dick, spunk will form on her face. It will also be based on the direction of this fumbling, is your precum busy while the groping is in a down maneuverability or upward movement? Etc.. All there are slightly over a dozen jizz consequences. So it's possible to embark messing up her even before there's ever a popshot. Additionally to help a little with this fresh system and make things a bit clearer, we've created 2 slightly different buttons. The standard square kinds activate a cartoon while the more rectangular shaped ones represent a toggle rotational purpose (such as precum on/off or cunny wet on/off). This game is extracted from our Primary game in development: The legend of LUST That you can download and play for free-for-all from our site

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