Fuck Akina BDSM – Sex Simulator

Hot fuck-a-thon simulator with bdsm elements - that is what this game is all about! Join horny asian chick Akina tonight to fuck her at various place. Since this is simulator you will need to turn her on, undress her and also do anything else before she will allow you to fuck her. Fuck her on the sofa until you'll give her big facial popshot... only to know that she is turned on just today! And prepare yourself to fulfill with the real Akina - this nice at very first appearance is really a mean domina! That means you will be penalized for nutting all over her face - prepare to endure what you have done! From now on you're Akina's plaything and that she knows few kinky games just for you. If you're going to play fine enough to please her temper you might even have hump with he ronce again... if you dare!

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