Void Club Metroid

The 9th chpater of"Void Club" visual books (with powerful hentai parody components) is here and this time it'll send you into some science fiction orientated adventures so prepare to recive mysterious signals from space, to visit friendly or hostile (you can't ever be sure of this) planets and ofcourse to meet a good deal of hot personalities among which you will deifnitely recognize the renowned blonde bounty hunter Samus Aran from videogame collection"Metroid" (that was really quite obvious for everybody who has read that the title careful enough). But she won't be your only fuck-a-thon curiosity in this game and fairly briefly after you will embark this adventure you will find the opportunity to socialize with buxom ginger-haired chcik yet how excatly this story will go next depends on the choices you can make.

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