The UPN v0.6 Tentacle Edition

The UPN is a game in constant development in which you manage the sexual deeds of Crania that the Goddess of Death, you also can observe her into a large variety of sexual positions using nasty underworld brutes. You might even switch her physical look, you can switch her hairstyle, eye shade, provide her earrings, piercings and much more. This is a petite portion of the game, the total game has more degrees, introduces and an additional chick. You can also record her sexual activities and apply the flicks to make currency to purchase fresh things for her such as accessories and sensual fucktoys. It is possible to download the utter game for free at You can interact with different"Pose Zones" represented by the purple markers in the ground, every pose zone contains different poses and sexual cartoons for Crania to utilize. -Controls- WASD: Move E: Socialize / Input pose zone Q : Exit Pose zone -Camera Controls- WASD: Transfer camera Wheel: Zoom Click Scroll wheel camera Right click: contro camera while ambling This game is in constant development, so fresh material, presents and characteristics are always along the way, if you prefer to support your project please consider encouraging me to patreon. By encouraging me you receive access to off the hook material for your own games, and should you turn into a $5 patron you get to play the most recent version before everybody else.

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